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Your Business is Growing Beyond its Boundaries – Here’s a Solution

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

You’ve worked tirelessly for months, even years, to get to this point: business success on your terms!  Every start-up has its story, whether venture funded or built with loans from friends and family, they are full of ups and downs and rarely return the love put into them.  But when you reach the point where your business outgrows the nook in your kitchen or the noisy co-working space lacking privacy, where do you turn?  While a home office is useful and convenient, and co-working is economical, a truly professional work presence is a necessity when taking your business to the next level.

The Suites Collection boasts entrepreneurial tenants from every point on the business spectrum.  From architects and designers to attorneys and political fundraisers, we have a space that can accommodate your individual business needs.  Shuffling through the pros and cons of a potential office can be daunting.  One way to skip the headache is to figure out what is most important to you.

Are you less concerned with bells and whistles and more focused on a space that meets your budget?  Courthouse District in River North is an economical option for someone looking for a personal office with business friendly amenities.

Are you interested in a space that exudes professionalism?  Take a look at Theater District.  Located in the North Loop, this space with great views and lots of light is ideal for the mover and shaker who has clients and meetings in the central business district.

If historic and serene is more your speed, Tree Studios could be a great fit.  Lovingly restored to its original grandeur, the individual working studios offer private space while the building maintains a community atmosphere.

If you’re always on the go, you might be best suited for one of our virtual offices.  Maintain a telephone number and address at one our locations and we’ll make sure you always have access to a conference room and administrative support.

And the best part about all of our centers?  Location, location, location!  Our proximity to public transportation and parking is unbeatable and our business centers are within walking distance to award winning restaurants (casual and fine dining) and premier cultural destinations.  Paired with competitive rates and flexible lease terms, what more is there to think about?  Call or email our Leasing Coordinator today to learn more about what each of our buildings has to offer.